Upgrade Problems

Wed Apr 13 22:26:35 IST 2005

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Julian Field wrote:
> In MailScanner.conf set "Debug = yes" and "Debug SpamAssassin = yes"
> then stop MailScanner, then run check_MailScanner. It will spew out a
> load of stuff from SpamAssassin. Page back up it (Shift+PageUp) and go
> through the output carefully to make sure it is searching the
> directories where all your SpamAssassin *.cf files are stored. You
> should be able to find "50_scores.cf" for example in one of the
> directories it is searching.
> Also do a "MailScanner -v" and check it is finding all the modules
> (and their versions) that you think it should be finding, paying
> particular attention to things like MIME-Base64 version 3.something
> and your SpamAssassin version.

It looks as though MailScanner is still thinking I have SA V3.0?

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