Mailscanner treats the mails very slowly

ste baume stebaume2004 at YAHOO.FR
Thu Apr 7 17:28:28 IST 2005

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Hello all,

Since many days our MailScanner server have a curious
- Most of the time they work slowly (less than 50
mails by minute are treated) which causes latency to
mail delivery (up to 4 hours)
- Sometimes, they work normaly and they can empty the

First we suspected an issue between the Mailscanner
server and the 
Exchange servers. But after many tests all seem to be
OK on this point.

When we disable SpamAssasin from the mailscanner.conf,
the queues 
decrease quickly, but after hours the queues increase
When we disable the Anti-virus from mailscanner.conf,
we have no improvement.
When we diable Mailscanner, and use only postfix, we
have no problem.

Volume : 150 000 messages per day
Hardware : 1 Pentium Xeon 2.4G, 1.5 MB RAM, 36G SCSI
Software : RHE3, Mailscanner 4.40.11, Postfix 2.2.1,
SpammAssassin 3.0.2, Kaspersky 5.0
RBL : Postfix (SpamCop, ORDB, SPAMHAUS); None in
MailScanner, all in SPAMASSASSIN
Average Load : Around 6

Is anybody can help us please, we are in dead end ?



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