MailScanner & IPv6 [SOLVED]

Mike michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Wed Apr 6 11:37:05 IST 2005

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>Now to figure out what the "if ($ip =~ /\[([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {" check
>needs to be (I'm not a perl guru). I'll try to experiment a bit.

I solved this (see patch) by changing

if ($ip =~ /\[([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {


if ($ip =~ /\[([IPv6\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {

in I'm not sure if this is the best check (ItWorksForMe[tm]), but I'll leave that to Julian.

Now I'm off to MailWatch, since it seems there's also something going wrong there. The mailscanner database does have the correct clientip record, however the details of a IPv6 message shows "" as "Received from:". There will probably a similar check with default "" in one of the .php files.


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