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Mike michael at NOMENNESCIO.NET
Wed Apr 6 10:32:13 IST 2005

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>I receive a fair amount of mail over IPv6 (including everything from the
>Exim mailing list) but have not had any problems. I am using Exim,
>though, not sendmail.

I think I've located the problem, it's in lib/ (so it's sendmail related):

if ($Line =~ /^\$_/) {
  $ip = $Line;
  #chomp $ip;
  if ($ip =~ /\[([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {
    $message->{clientip} = $1;
  } else {
    # It is a locally-created message and doesn't have an smtp client ip
    $message->{clientip} = '';
  $IPFound = 1; # We have found the client IP address

Now to figure out what the "if ($ip =~ /\[([\d.:abcdef]+)\]/) {" check needs to be (I'm not a perl guru). I'll try to experiment a bit.



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