Mailscanner stops scanning attachments??

Jeremy Huber jhuber at MICROSOURCE.COM
Tue Apr 5 18:49:39 IST 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005 22:56:47 +0100, Jeremy Huber <jhuber at MICROSOURCE.COM>

>>What have you set to generate that report? Exactly how? The answer may
>>tell us important things about your setup.
>I'm using MS 4.38.9 (via RPM), with Mailwatch 0.51 and clamav and
>bitdefender for AV scanners.  Mailwatch is what gave me that list of
>triggered rules.

I just realized I forgot the important parts: Sendmail for the MTA, Fedora
Core 2 for the OS, and SA 2.63

>>MailScanner does not replace winmail.dat files with the files they
>>contain. It unpacks them to virus scan and do filename/type checks, but
>>you won't ever get a winmail.dat file as well as a doc file attached to
>>the same message.
>>What do you think is adding the doc?
>I've got an email off to the person seeing it to find out more.  All I
>is that they're resume's being emailed out, and "everyone else gets the
>document correctly."  I know that doesn't mean much.  I know the last time
>I had a problem with winmail.dat, it turned out to be a problem with the
>mailer client that was doing it, not MS.

I've gotten more info about this as well. Supposedly, he just attaches the
document normally from within Outlook.


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