qmail setup temporarily stopping mail forwarded by MailScanner box

Tue Apr 5 00:19:14 IST 2005

Dhawal Doshy <> wrote:
> do you tarpitting enabled in qmail (some files like tarpit* in
> /var/qmail/control)? if yes, you could control it via the tcp.smtp
> file for specific ip addressess

I couldn't find any tarpit* files in /var/qmail/control.
(Nor anywhere on the system if the slocate db is to
be trusted.)

I did go ahead and add the variables below into
tcp.smtp, but the traffic is too low right now
to test (of course.)

I'll keep an eye on it, but right now there's
nothing to report.

Thanks for the tip and I hope that's the answer.

> Use the following env variables in tcp.smtp:


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