qmail setup temporarily stopping mail forwarded by MailScanner box

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Apr 4 19:49:47 IST 2005

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Jason Balicki writes:

> I've just set up a system where MailScanner
> running on a RH8 machine will send (via the
> mailertable) scanned mail to another machine
> that's running qmail.
> I know nothing about qmail at this point, but
> it looks like there's some sort of throttle
> built into qmail that keeps the MailScanner
> box from being able to send messages on occasion.
> When there's a lot of mail coming through
> the qmail box just stops responding for a
> while.  It will eventually start up again,
> but by that point there's a lot of stuff in
> the MailScanner outbound queue and the cycle
> will repeat for a while until the mail is
> all out of the queue.
> I started tracing the qmail setup and didn't
> get very far before I got confused.  I
> remember when I thought sendmail was confusing
> and complex and beyond my grasp.  How quaintly
> naive.  :)
> Does anyone know where I should look to find
> this throttle and turn it off?  (The qmail
> box will only receive mail from the MS box
> so there's no reason to have it any more.)
> As always, any help at all is appreciated.
> --J(K)

do you tarpitting enabled in qmail (some files like tarpit* in
/var/qmail/control)? if yes, you could control it via the tcp.smtp file for
specific ip addressess

Use the following env variables in tcp.smtp:

let us know if it works.

 - dhawal

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