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Mon Apr 4 18:34:20 IST 2005

At 12:55 PM 4/4/2005, you wrote:
>I'd buy more RAM, drop a disk and use RAID1 - RAID 5 with only 3 disk
>will slow the I/O down quite alot.
>There's lots of nice stuff in SA3.02 so I'd drip feed you existing rules
>into it, and make sure you have the URI-RBL's turned on too...
>Also watch out for the ALL_TRUSTED rules in SA 3.02 (see the comment in
>latest spam.assassin.prefs.conf).
>Martin Hepworth
>Billy Pumphrey wrote:
>>I searched the mailscanner archives at
>>But I could not locate updates information.  I also tried to find the
>>recently topic of "Complete Build".  I know that there is a ton of
>>information in there but I just could not find it.  I know that a lot is
>>talked about what to run it on, however if I may inquire on my setup as
>>Linux is not my environment of expertise.  I will try to make my questions
>>short.  My main and pretty much only question is what versions should I use?
>>What I have now:
>>384 RAM
>>IDE hard drive (desktop)
>>I will be moving to:
>>Dual 600PIII
>>1024 RAM
>>3x9.1GB RAID 5 Hard drives
>>What I have now:
>>Redhat 9 (Shrike)
>>MailScanner 4.25
>>Spamassassin 2.61
>>MailStats for statistics
>>Running RulesDuJour
>>Running other rules too
>>Sendmail version ??
>>Sophos virus scanning
>>In question to move to:
>>Should I still use Redhat 9?  Seems to work fine
>>MailScanner 4.40.11
>>Sendmails latest version 8.13.4
>>Spamassassin latest version 3.0.2
>>Different rule sets from the web sites

Hey Billy,

Move to CentOS 3.4 RedHat 9 support has already run
out on you, hasn't it?

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