errors that I can't figure out - SOLVED

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sun Apr 3 17:00:34 IST 2005


> We already offer VPNs, but many users, including all the Linux users and
> probably all the Mac users, don't/can't use the VPN service.
> Our VPNs are provided by 2 Windows boxes using PPTP VPNs. How do Mac and
> Linux users connect to them?
> Our users only other choice is SSH-tunneling which rules out most of them.

We might move this thread private ;) Sinec its a luittle offtopic, but :)
You could have a look at Cisco 3000 series, we use those, they dont come
cheap, but do come with all flavors clients. Solaris also.


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