Whitelists being ignored

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at WHIDBEY.COM
Sun Apr 3 03:22:44 IST 2005

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I'm still having the same problem with this server ignoring my
whitelists. The client forwarded five e-mails to me this afternoon, all
with the {Spam?} tag in the Subject line. They were from four senders:

online at tesco.co.uk
sns_team at sweet-n-sour.com
PCW at client17.email-bureau.co.uk
miscops at misco.co.uk

I went to add them to the whitelist, but I found that three of them had
long been in spam.whitelist.rules, and had been for a month:

From:   root at richmondsounddesign.com    yes
From:   FaxToEmail at pacificcoast.net     yes
From:   *@knmartin.co.uk        yes
From:   newswire at news.bc.ndp.ca yes
From:   online at tesco.co.uk      yes
From:   updatemembers at SUITE101.COM      yes
From:   ANSWER at InternationalANSWER.org  yes
From:   PCW at client17.email-bureau.co.uk yes
From:   graceaudio at inter-business.com.ar        yes
From:   SnS_team at sweet-n-sour.com       yes
FromOrTo:       default         no

I'm starting to feel like an idiot here. I've double-checked the paths
to my rules, including posting those here last week (normally a sure why
to catch a stupid typo). I need some way to track this down, please!


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