Ubuntu (debian-unstable) + Mailscanner + Postfix

Tristan RHODES TristanRhodes at WEBER.EDU
Fri Apr 1 22:16:34 IST 2005


Thanks for the quick reply.  Your email arrived at the same time as my

Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) currently uses Postfix 2.1.5.  From what
you said, this will not require the new files.

I will follow the intructions in the Postfix guide and post my
experience to the list.

BTW, I am giving a presentation tomorrow (Saturday) to my Linux user
group on setting up an email server with Mailscanner.  I appreciate any
help that can be provided before then.  :)

Tristan Rhodes

>>> drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK 04/01/05 2:05 PM >>>
Tristan RHODES wrote:

>I am trying to install Mailscanner on Ubuntu Linux.  Has anyone done
>this?  (Or installed on debian-unstable?)
>Ubuntu comes with Postfix installed, and that is the MTA I want to
>I used apt-get to install mailscanner, but it looks to be configured
>for Exim (debian's default MTA).
>I have read the Postfix install guide:
>Are there any additional steps I need to do?
>BTW, I have successfully installed and used Mailscanner + Postfix on
>Suse using the RPM.
Put simply, no. Just adjust the MailScanner.conf file for Postfix
the directions you have found (Check to see which version of Postfix
have installed, if it's 2.2.x then you will need some new files to
accommodate the slight change in queue structure (Post back and I'll
point you in the right direction)). I don't know how old the
version is in the unstable tree, so it would be worth check that also.


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