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Mon Sep 27 21:11:02 IST 2004

At 20:40 27/09/2004, you wrote:
>I configured MailScanner in my server to deny all the executable files.
>However, there are 2 specific executable files those are send and received
>between our client and us.
>My question is: Is it possible in MailScanner to allow only these 2 specific
>executable files and to continue denying all the others?

If you are denying executables by content with the filetype.rules.conf,
then the only way you can allow these two is to write "magic" (see man
magic) detection patterns for them so that the file command reports them as
special file types. Then you can add "allow" rules to filetype.rules.conf
that lets through these 2 executables.

You basically just need to find special strings in the two programs. Does
the application name appear at some particular offset into the file?
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