newbie help RE-POST

James Marcinek jmarc1 at
Mon Sep 27 01:45:35 IST 2004

Sorry I never got any email responses before as there was a problem with my
subscription. If anyone replied to my original's could you forward them to the
list again so I might be able to get a look?



"James Marcinek" <jmarc1 at> wrote:
> hello Everyone,
> I'm running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 with postfix and cyrus-imapd. I
> to implement MailScanner/clamav and spamassassin. Everything seems to be
> and I've reviewed the FAQ's and configuration information. However I don't see
> any tags in my emails indicating that the mail has been checked by my server.
> I'm still getting spam though all the daemons are running. Can anyone help me
> out?
> james

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