Double filename/extension query

Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Tue Sep 21 19:10:34 IST 2004

Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions wrote:

>Up until now we've never had any issues with blocking double file extensions
>using the default ruleset.
>Unfortunately one of our more important clients gets files every morning
>from a call center in the format:
>"file" tells me:
>20Sep04-20Sep04.txt.eee: data
>(I'd love to know what is producing them....)
>The problem is this. How can I allow these filenames to be delivered to our
>client BUT disallow them from all others?
>I know it can be done via a ruleset, but I've only ever used them for
>whitelist/blacklist/signature type things
>Should I call it like:
>Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules
>In filename.rules
>What do I put in here?
>filename.rules.conf  << - do I leave that as is?
I've had to do this for filetype.rules.conf for Russian text:

You have two different filename.rules.conf files (filename.rules.conf
and something like filename.rules.eee.conf)

Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/Filename.rules

In %rules-dir%/Filename.rules:

From:   ImportantClient at
FromOrTo:   default   /opt/MailScanner/etc/filename.rules.conf

This works for me, hope it works for you.

Dustin Baer
Transport Extranet Network Services
Information Handling Services
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