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Wed Sep 15 20:14:01 IST 2004

At 19:22 15/09/2004, you wrote:
>Julian Field wrote:
>>At 18:15 15/09/2004, you wrote:
>>>I am also using it at entry with Sendmail. I have days where the spam is
>>>over 90% and no complaints for over 9 months. My only thought was to
>>>just use SBL to avoid some of the dynamic IP checks. But I am not sure I
>>>want mail from anyone not relaying through their ISP or at least a host
>>>with a MX record.
>>Please don't start blocking mail coming from servers that aren't MX's. We,
>>along with many other large sites, treat incoming and outgoing mail as
>>different services and run them on different servers. Obviously my outgoing
>>relays don't have MX records as they do not listen for mail from outside
>>our site, that's the job of the incoming mail servers.
>I didn't mean to block all non-MX mail relays. I am just a little
>concerned about mail comming from machines that "have no business"
>sending mail directly.

I spam-tag everything coming from a MAPS-DUL host as I don't think they
have any business sending me mail either :)
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