Suggested addition to default filename and filetype rules

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Sep 9 11:29:15 IST 2004

At 08:18 09/09/2004, you wrote:
>On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, James Gray wrote:
>>Maybe it's just our site, but was there a reason Windows Media files were
>>out when Quicktime/MPEG/etc were included for denial?
>>For the archives, here's what we have in our (modified) rules:
>><<< filename.rules.conf >>>
>># Deny Windows Media etc
>>deny  \.wm[adsvz]   Windows Media Format    We don't allow Windows Media
>>deny  \.w[av]x      Windows Media Format    No Windows media metafile links
>>deny  \.as[fx]      Windows Media Format    We don't allow Windows Media
>><<< filetype.rules.conf >>>
>>deny  ASF           No Windows Media        No Windows Media files allowed

I have added the filetype.rules.conf one, but not the filename.rules.conf
ones. I don't want my standard ruleset to be too restrictive. Only a very
small percentage of you ever edit the files at all, and I don't want to
annoy everybody more than I have to.
Do we really need to ban all media files at all? Banning the movies is
probably good as they tend to be huge and illegal/worthless. But all the
audio files as well?

Also, does anyone know of any attacks done involving media metafile links?
Hopefully these are small and harmless.
Julian Field
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