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Marco Benton marco at XSSNET.COM
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Kevin Miller wrote:

 Venkata Achanta wrote:

 if someone sends out a e-mail and get a repsonse and if he responds
again the disclaimer is getting attached again.if this happens X
number of times we end up having disclaimer attached X number of
time as well which looks ugly(better than spam though :-)) )


 The problem here isn't MailScanner - it's people too lazy to edit their
responses.  Every time a reply is generated, you get a ">" in front of the
previous text, including the disclaimers.  Just delete the text that isn't

I suppose this is an outgrowth of top-posting where people no longer deal
w/the full body of email.  Still, it's silly to blame the MTA when it's the
email client and user that's to blame.

However, the way email is supposed to work, is that one can define a
signature such that it isn't included in replies by seperating it from the
body of the message with two dashes and a space (such as under "...Kevin"
below).  A reasonably modern email client will not include anything below
that in a reply.  Therefore, if you edited the disclaimer and delimited it
with a line containing "-- " (sans quotes) before anything else, then it
shouldn't be included when you reply...


i dont think anyone is blaming the MTA, the original poster is kind of
asking for a new feature.

depending on how this would be implemented, it can be painfully easy or a
coding nightmare to assume the sender's email client and how it encaps
the reply body.  i say the more features the better, despite how
fallacious they can be.

of course this can be put into the same category as to bounce spam or


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