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Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Tue Oct 26 17:00:34 IST 2004

At 09:01 PM 10/25/2004, Marco Benton wrote:
>alot of companies use the <...barf...> disclaimers and MailScanner has
>an easy way to add it, although not what inteded for.  not every company
>has gurus and pointy-haired managers want certain things even tho they
>dont make sense.  but is it right to *not* add that feature because of

IMO, yes, but I think so because the feature only serves l-users.

If there was a redeeming value to it beyond lusers, I'd say add it. But it
doesn't. It only serves those adding clueless disclaimers to their mail. It
doesn't aid those using the feature for virus sigs. It doesn't aid mailing
lists because mailing list management packages have their own signature
tools. It really doesn't aid anyone in a useful valid way.

I'll leave it up to Julian, but quite frankly I think it's a waste of his
time to implement a feature that does the internet community as a whole a
great disservice, and only serves to comfort clueless PHBs.

If the PHBs want disclaimers, fine, but I don't think they should get that
for free from Julian.

There's plenty of other useful things for him to be doing.. Like enjoying a
pint of ale/glass of wine/ beverage of choice :)

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