Random message corruption issue

Dean Jones dean at SAHRA.ARIZONA.EDU
Thu Oct 21 17:12:59 IST 2004

First of all i'd like to say thanks to Julian for not only releasing a
great product (for free) but also for the huge amount of support on the
mailing list.


So i have been having a problem with random corrupted messages.
the frequency is really low, maybe 2-4 a day but i have not figured a
pattern out.
Most of the corrupted mails have an attachment, and Outlook messages
seem to be corrupted at a higher rate than Thunderbird or other clients.
(but the other clients still have some corruption)
A couple of times someone has mass emailed a few people here at work,
and only 1 of the 5 outgoing messages is corrupted, so it's not like the
message was invalid from the beginning.

The messages get put into the postfix/corrupt queue after they are
processed by MailScanner. I can tell because the header info from
MailScanner is in the corrupt message.

My guesses are basically pointing to either the MIME decoding or header
re-writing at some point in the process but as i said, a pattern has not
really emerged.

My system specs are:
solaris 9, postfix 2.1.5, MailScanner 4.34.8-4, Perl 5.8.4.
I am using the "Hold" header method with postfix.

if anyone has seen something similar or has any ideas, it would be great!

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