antivir-autoupdate broken ? (bug found - Solved)

Eduardo Diaz Rodriguez ediaz at PK25.COM
Tue Oct 19 01:56:34 IST 2004

Hello people sorry for my bad english.

you must change the first code of antivir-autoupdate to this.


# AntiVir updater. Original code by Julian Field. Timeout code by
# Alessandro Bianchi.

use Sys::Syslog;

$PackageDir = shift || "/usr/lib/AntiVir";

$AntiVirUpdateCommand = "$PackageDir/antivir --update";

$AntiVirCommand = "$PackageDir/antivir";

$LockFile = "/tmp/AntiVirBusy.lock";

$LOCK_SH = 1;
$LOCK_EX = 2;
$LOCK_NB = 4;
$LOCK_UN = 8;

eval { Sys::Syslog::setlogsock('unix'); }; # This may fail!
Sys::Syslog::openlog("AntiVir-autoupdate", 'pid, nowait', 'mail');

BailOut("Installation dir \"$PackageDir\" does not exist!")
  unless $PackageDir ne "" && -d $PackageDir;

if (-x $AntiVirCommand) {

This line: if (-x $AntiVirCommand) {

is the modify of: if (-x $AntiVirUpdateCommand) {

 The solutions is the string: $AntiVirUpdateCommand is not a exec file  :)
$PackageDir/antivir --update

The solution can be create a new $AntiVirCommand = "$PackageDir/antivir";
for example and use this option for the if ( -x $AntiVirCommand )

simple perl :-)

anybody can contact with the developer for change the code in next release?

regards !!!

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