Phishing Translators please?

Pavel Zichovsky zichovsky at TRUL.CZ
Tue Oct 12 20:04:40 IST 2004

Hi there,

> >Suggested Czech translation:
> >
> >PossibleFraudStart = <font color="red"><b>MailScanner zjistil mozny
> >pokus o podvod (kradez osobnich dat) ze stranky PossibleFraudEnd =
> >NEDOPORUCUJE se otevirat odkazy z teto zpravy a vyplnovat jakekoliv
> >osobni udaje.</b></font>
> How did </B></FONT> change into the huge string you have for
> PossibleFraudEnd?

If I understand it correctly, in final mail will be

[PossibleFraudStart] [real addres from fraud link] [PossibleFraudEnd]

So in "end" i have only added warning about clicking on link and  filling
personal details (as i know users clicking on almost everything :-( ). It
can be easily omitted, so czech translation is:

PossibleFraudStart = <font color="red"><b>MailScanner zjistil mozny pokus o
podvod (kradez osobnich dat) ze stranky

PossibleFraudEnd = </b></font>

> And please define "suggested " czech translation. I have no
> idea whether your translation is good or bad.

I think that my translation is good.

With regards
Pavel Zichovsky (zichovsky at trul)

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