Notify sender not working

David Hooton david.hooton at
Thu Oct 7 13:59:08 IST 2004

Hi Guys,

I'm running Version 4.34.8 and am trying to get MailScanner to notify
senders of blocked file names via a ruleset so only our internal
customers are notified.

I have got the ruleset in place, but it would appear that filename
notify isn't actually sending an email to the sender.  I have tried
doing the same with the notify senders of viruses and sent a test
through, which did return a message.

Relevant config below:

Notify Senders = yes
Notify Senders Of Blocked Filenames Or Filetypes = yes
Notify Senders Of Other Blocked Content = yes

I have used yes above to eliminate the possibility of ruleset errors causing it.

Have I missed anything?

On a side not it would be really cool if we could have a "Notify
Recipient" option for blocked files - if this is already available,
can someone cluebat me on it?

Any and all help greatly appreciated!

David Hooton

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