Bayes rebuild

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Oct 6 18:36:54 IST 2004

At 12:45 PM 10/6/2004, Dean Jones wrote:
>Should i do the Bayes rebuild from within MailScanner.conf or should i
>do it seperately from cron?

Either works. I generally do both, and treat the cronjob as a backup
measure. However, at Julian's request I've been running without the cronjob
to verify it also performs expiry when needed, and it does.

>How often should Bayes be rebuilt?

Daily, give or take a bit depending on your preference. I've done it every
hour as well, but that's really just a matter of how loaded your system is.

The rebuild will also force any journaling to sync, so if you're using SA's
bayes_learn_to_journal option you'll probably want to do it more frequently
so that the autolearn data gets folded back into the live bayes DB more
frequently. I'd say at least twice a day here.

I'd also advise disabling bayes autoexpire in your (can't do it in
         bayes_auto_expire 0

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