How to find a slowdown?

Jeremy Huber JHuber at MICROSOURCE.COM
Wed Oct 6 17:32:54 IST 2004

I've got a case where our brand new server that I put MailScanner on is
just CRAWLING.  Dual 2.4Ghz Xeon with 4GB RAM running Fedora Core 2, MS
4.33.3, and SA 2.63 (I've turned off the virus scanning temporarily).
We only push somewhere around 50k messages a day through it, so I'm not
sure why it's so slow.  It almost always has hundreds of messages in the
inbound queue.  I tried turning on LOG_SPEED, and the spam scanning
speed is usually around 600 bytes per second.  That seems insanely slow,
but I didn't what's "good."  I've got SA using DCC and Pyzor as well as
maybe 6 of the rulesets out of the rdj (one of which being the
blacklist).  Am I just making SA do too much, and that's why it's so

Thanks for any help you guys can give!


Jeremy Huber, SCSA, LCP
jhuber at
Datacenter Engineer
Microsource, Inc

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