Mailscanner Spamassassin timing out

Victor DiMichina victor at PIXELMAGICFX.COM
Mon Nov 29 23:06:17 GMT 2004

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Billy Pumphrey wrote:

> I searched the archive and found plenty about the errors of it timing 
> out, but I just cannot find out what the problem is.
> Did I change anything?
> Yes. I added a few entries in the access file for REJECT. I received 
> no errors on this file after I edited it.
> For the full log, go here à
> My spamassassin timeout was at the default of 10, then I rose it to 
> eventually 40 and the timeouts still happen. The first things that 
> were appearing in the log were the spamassassin timeout, but first 
> there were RBL timeouts. The log has the entries in there. I then 
> commented out the RBL list in the MailScanner.conf and that did not 
> help. I also restart the whole machine and that didn^Òt help.

Where was this parameter set? I remember my default spamassassin timeout 
being 30, never 10. I upped it to 90. Are you in MailScanner.conf 
editing this entry? Check out the FAQ:

I was getting the exact same problems before upping my timeout value.


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