quoted-printable octet-stream issues

Chuck Foster chuck.foster at STREAMSHIELD.COM
Mon Nov 29 17:44:44 GMT 2004


I've been looking at a problem with some PDF messages that were being
corrupted on arrival; looking at it more closely I can see that our
Exchange server is sending out the attachments as quoted-printable and by
the time they've been through MailScanner the content has been changed,
specifically the midline =0As have now become physical newlines and (I
guess) are being mangled through the MTA (sendmail).

I noted that there is some code to 'massage' quoted-printable in
Message.pm, and the file on disk seems to be fine, so I would think the
problem is in re-encoding the content back to quoted-printable on the way

Is this a common problem that has now been fixed (I couldn't find any
reference on a net trawl)? Obviously this doesn't occur for BASE64-encoded


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