Messages sent with header only, SYSERR(root): readqf: cannot open

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Sun Nov 28 16:12:18 GMT 2004

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If it is set wrong, your users will have been getting mail messages that
didn't have any message body in them, or were missing all their attachments.

Alex Neuman van der Hans wrote:

>I just realized my sendmail doesn't have flock (installed from RPM on
>Fedora)... Can there be any dire consequences if it was set for flock
>(probably an inherited setting from an older installation)? I just set it to
>posix now.
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>Subject: Re: Messages sent with header only, SYSERR(root): readqf: cannot
>Do a
>/usr/sbin/sendmail -d0.1 -bt </dev/null
>and see if the output contains HASFLOCK. If it doesn't then set "Lock Type =
>posix" in MailScanner.conf.
>Dawson, Alan wrote:
>>I'm seeing a few messages that seem to get sent twice, the first time
>>with only the header, then the full message later.
>>/var/log/mail shows entries like
>>Nov 22 12:20:28 charon sendmail[16998]: iAMCKBqG016952: SYSERR(root):
>>readqf: cannot open ./dfiAMCKBqG016952: No such file or directory
>>I've googled for this and found
>>which suggests some file locking issues
>>I'm running
>>Sendmail 8.12.10 from SuSE Linux 9.0
>>with MailScanner 4.35.11
>>I notice in the depths of the MailScanner.conf
>># How to lock spool files.
>># Don't set this unless you *know* you need to.
>># For sendmail, it defaults to "flock".
>># For sendmail 8.13 onwards, you will probably need to change it to posix.
>># For Exim, it defaults to "posix".
>># No other type is implemented.
>>Lock Type =
>>Do i "need to"  and how would I know ?

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