Phishing Detection

Martin Sapsed m.sapsed at BANGOR.AC.UK
Thu Nov 25 10:25:09 GMT 2004

Michael Baird wrote:
> Yes, I have 3 inbound MX's, receive 1000+ messages every 10 minutes
> each, I have not noticed any phish detections on any of them, been
> running for about 6 hours on 4.36.1. This is why I'm concerned something
> isn't working right with my config. I have filetype checking disabled,
> is this necessary for the phishing detection to work?

Simple test is to send yourself a message like the phishers send where
the URL in the text is different to the URL in the href=.

There's something about my system which means that Julian's phishing
code doesn't work either but we haven't been able to work out what yet.



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