Size subject dont be "Dangerous Content"

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Nov 24 22:17:05 GMT 2004

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At 04:39 PM 11/24/2004, Dennis Robert Kelbert wrote:
>Today, all e-mails that have the size over my limit, don´t pass.
>Then, a message go at place of the original message to the recipient,
>with the Subject   --> {Dangerous Content} any subject <---
>For Filename rules,  i have a unique Subject..   {Filename}
>For Spam rules,  i have a unique Subject..  (Virus)
>but, for size rules, i can´t find it..
>The {Dangerous Content}, it´s for what block at all?

Do yourself a favor. Take some time and read your MailScanner.conf file. 
The comments in the file explain what this is about. It actually explains 
most of the questions you've asked today.

This particular part is related to the settings in the section:

         # Removing/Logging dangerous or potentially offensive content

Relevant settings in the section:

Dangerous Content Scanning = yes
Allow Partial Messages = no
Allow External Message Bodies = no
Allow IFrame Tags = no
Find Phishing Fraud = no
Allow Form Tags = yes
Allow Object Codebase Tags = no
Allow WebBugs = disarm

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