[iso-8859-1] Re: MailScanner won´t check filename size

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Wed Nov 24 21:16:11 GMT 2004

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At 03:10 PM 11/24/2004, Dennis Robert Kelbert wrote:
>But I have other problem...  it´s about the size of an attach.
>The values are only to explain.
>When I turn Maximum Attachment Size = 204800 (200Kb)
>and send a file TEST.ZIP with 50Kb, but inside have a file
>with 500Kb, then the MailScanner match the size rule.
>I dont want that MailScanner look the size of inside ZIP files.
>That doesn´t make sense !

Set your Maximum Archive Depth to 0.

This doesn't affect virus scanning, but does affect how deep MS will upack 
an archive in order to check filename, filetype and filesize rules.

This unfortunately also disables filename checking inside zipfiles, but 
quite frankly I don't see the value unless your network is a "severe 
lockdown" network where no executables are allowed to be brought in at all.

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