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William Burns William.Burns at AEROFLEX.COM
Tue Nov 23 16:46:00 GMT 2004

paddy wrote:

> Mind you, I haven't even tested this on the one machine, this time!
>And this also raises the question of what to do with mail that is
>whitelisted to one of multiple recipients.
Right, W/ The procmail (local mailbox) solution, some users would get a
tagged subject-line while others would not.
W/ a gateway solution, this may not be possible.
Or... You'd have to figure out if/when the mail needed to be split into
multiple queue files... That sounds more like the job of an MTA...
Sorry, I don't have an idea of the "right" way to do that.

>Procmail gets you delivery time, which is nice for solving the 'where is
>the database' and the 'whitelisted to one of multiple recipients' problems.

A related issue w/ procmail/local delivery that you might not have w/ a
gateway/MailScanner solution:
Multiple e-mail aliases per user.

Mail sent from " at" AND "lname at" is
associated w/ a mailbox named "lname". I had to do a bunch of manual
configs to get the outbound recip. address written to the right
local-user database/file. That way, procmail could check one file for
the "lname" user at delivery time.


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