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>There *is* a "Level 4" as well... Disable HTML! :D Seriously, though, I
>don't get that many phishing e-mails so I don't have your 
>experience in that
>area, but I agree with you wholeheartedly.


The problems with the phishing net catching non-phishing messages is a
major issue here.

When it catches real phishing spam it is fine. In fact it flagged three
delivered to my mailbox overnight.

However we get a lot of false positives flagged by the code and users
are getting increasingly angry and vocal about genuine messages being
messed up by the warnings.

It looks like I will have to disable the feature here. In a typical 24
hour period the logs show that the phishing detector flagged 17,740
"possible fraud" attempts.

I suspect the majority of these are false positives although this could
include a lot of mail that is otherwise spam but not fraudulent in the
"phishing" sense.

We also found that a lot of outgoing mail from here was being flagged
until I set up a ruleset to exempt mail from our domains. This is a
warning for other sites. We are increasingly moving users to
Outlook/Exchange and OWA which, unless the defaults are correctly set,
can mean that mail is sent as RTF by default. Users in any case will
often prefer to send e-mail in MTML. These behaviours have serious

The conversion that Microsoft does to change text to RTF is broken. It
can unexpectedly turn a simple line in a message signature into a
hypertext link that gets flagged by the "phishing net" code. It also
generates HTML that is simply wrong and/or redundant and can cause other
undesirable side effects. 

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