mailscanner with postfix startup messages

dave dmehler26 at WOH.RR.COM
Mon Nov 22 00:16:43 GMT 2004

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    I'm trying to get mailscanner going with postfix. I have customized
mailscanner.conf and made the other changes as per the howto. I am getting
some strange messages in the maillog:
"bogus file HOLD/razor-agent.log"
That's coming from postfix postsuper when i start postfix. Checking
/var/spool/postfix/hold there is indeed a file razor-agent.log. I do not
know how this got here and would like to know if it's something i have to
worry about or a config problem? Next, i'm getting a message about
spamassassin whitelist functionality, not sure what this is? I'm also
getting a message "messages found but no hashed queue directories".
    I'd also like to know if postfix-style virtual domains are also effected
by this setup?

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