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Dean Liversidge dean at MYSTERIOUSPLANET.CO.UK
Sun Nov 21 20:20:48 GMT 2004

On Thu, 18 Nov 2004 09:39:44 +0100, you wrote:

>| We used to use a dynamic LDAP lookup to exchange from our sendmail
>| boxes, which worked great, until one day we had a problem with the
>| LDAP on exchange, and the whole thing came crashing to a halt, and
>| rejected everyone.
>I assume that you set the `bounce` instead of the `passthru`option and
>had no local (aliases/users) whatever :)

i'm not sure what options you mean, and we were not using the new
standard sendmail ldap map as we were working on the normal exchange
ldap schema and not using any extra attributes. We were just
validating addresses against searches to exchange for valid user
accounts, and against local aliases to cover mailing lists and
applications. If there was no match on either, it was bounced as we
wanted to reject mail that we didnt have a valid user for, not forward
it on to anything
Im sure there are ways to make it more resilient, this was originally
setup by the guy before me, but i didnt see any reasonable straight
forward way of handling it, other than some complex rulesets
Dean Liversidge

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