zip-virus problems

Carl A. Wernhart carl at WERNHART.PRIV.AT
Sat Nov 20 12:49:13 GMT 2004


 i'm new to the list and i'm desperately searching
 for a solution to the zip-file problem:

 the problem:

   i want the option "Maximum Archive Depth" to "0"
   so people can send their things (.exe etc..) as
   now, if a virus in a zip-file occurres the scanner
   (calmav) detects it (i can see this in the log) but
   the file-rules say ".zip" is ok and delivers the
   virus! though it was detected bei the AV!!!

   ps: when "Maximum Archive Depth" ist "2" the
   detections is also not treated but the rules block
   the virus because of the extension.

  my versions:
   MS-Version:    MailScanner 4.36.1
   Antivirus:     ClamAV (not the module)
   System:        Linux 2.4.26
   MTA            Sendmail 8.13.1

 yours, carl

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