specs & platform for new server

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Fri Nov 19 13:43:41 GMT 2004

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Julian Field wrote:
> You have raised one interesting point: MailScanner will happily drive your
> system's load average up through the roof. Most of these will be processes
> awaiting network response. A load average of 10 or 12 doesn't really mean
> anything. What counts is the size of message batches that are being
> processed. If the batches are small then you have nothing to worry about. If
> the batches start approaching 30 regularly, then you should look into more
> powerful hardware and better network setup.
> Don't think your system is being hammered because it reports a load average
> over 10 most of the time. That is MailScanner working your box very hard!

What was the load average on the system that processed 1.5 millions
message/day, Julian?


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