Postfix, mailwatch and queue IDs (and of course mailscanner:-)

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> Hi all...
> I gather from the gigantic shrug I'm getting here (how else to interpret
> ... silence:-) that noone has a good handle on how to "improve" the
> situation regarding duplicates in sql-logs (and possible quarantine
> corruption) when using some such log feature with MS, due to postfix
> reusing queue IDs (the quarantine is in danger when using systems like
> MailWatch, which will not preserve the queue file inode (number)...
> Sure, it's a slim window, but it could happen).
> One could of course try to "work around" this in the "logging subsytem"
> (MailWatch in my case), but.. I dunno, it feels like it's better to do
> closer to the source:-).
> Why not ask the postfix people to "fix it"? Well, I'm guessing one will
> get even less response (if that's possible:-) from then, and then
> probably just a pointer to amavisd-new.
> Sure, for MailScanner it's not a central problem, but... Well, my PHB
> likes what he can see in MW (that's what sold him on MS...:), and when
> he starts to see the duplicates on a more ... regular basis... Suffice
> it to say that it gets to be my problem then:-).
> Or has this been discussed in depth already? I couldn't find mention of
> it in the list archive...
> Any feedback would be welcome.

Have you checked the MailWatch mail list and Archives? Start at:

You might post this question there after checking the MailWatch Archives.


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