Phishing detector apparently slogged up my server

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Nov 18 09:07:30 GMT 2004

On 18/11/04 8:40 am, "Bruce Rahn" <brahn at> wrote:
> Greg Deputy wrote:
>> Fedora core 2, MailScanner 4.35.9, Postfix 2.1.5.  Phishing detection
>> turned on.  Currently acting as a gateway (no mail on server, all gets
>> scanned and passed on to another server for delivery) for about 500 mail
>> boxes on 100 hosted domains.
>> Today I was looking at my mailscanner-mrtg page
>> ( and noticed that at around
>> 1:30 am the CPU pegged on the box.  I spent some time trying to figure
>> out why, looking at the logs for a DOS attack or some evidence that the
>> box had been compromised, but found nothing.
>> What I eventually figured out was Mailscanner seemed to be hitting the
>> same mail in the postfix hold queue over and over again.  It would hit
>> the mail, and apparently restart.  It would seem to hit the queue,
>> process a few messages, hit one, and then choke, restart.  It also
>> caused the CPU to be a lot more active (85% +) than it normally is
>> (~25%).
>> I believe it was dying in the phishing detector logic for 2 reasons.
>> One, I kept seeing the same phishing detection over and over again in
>> the logs.  Two, I turned off the phishing detection in MailScanner.conf,
>> restarted MailScanner, and the queue cleared out and CPU dropped back to
>> normal.
> [stuff deleted]
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: Found phishing fraud attack from
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: <br><br>
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: Big year expected in 2005 for
>> Motion DNA<br>
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]:   <br>
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: Trading Symbol MTDN<br>
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: Current Price (est.) $0.025<br>
>> Nov 17 09:01:05 mx MailScanner[32483]: Valued Price (est.) $1.00<br><br>
> I had the exact same thing happen today on what looks like the exact
> same SPAM message.  It was looping over, and over, and over again.
> Something about that message MailScanner didn't like.

In which case can someone send me a copy of the message please? Don't mind
much what format, I can handle most things.
Julian Field
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