Problems with the latest SpamAssassin

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Wed Nov 17 16:50:31 GMT 2004

Hi there..


> >
> try getting rid of all the custom rules you previously had.  most of the
> custom rules are now built into SA.

I know that they are :( but the last version 3.0.1 did not work properly
with MS..

I could turn SA off within the MS.conf, but i do not want SA run again
after the Mail enters via procmail.. :(

and as i did not have any custom rules on my own..there is nothing to get
rid off ;)

> check out the SA doco page for the Wiki on how setup RDJ (rules_du_jour)
> or

it seems that the website of RDJ is down :(

Thanks for the help anyway


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