SpamAssassin 3

Kyle Harris lists at TRCINTL.COM
Wed Nov 17 16:26:43 GMT 2004

Now that SpamAssassin 3 has been out for a little while and several on this
list have updated to it, I am curious.  What is the overall opinion as to
whether or not it catches more spam than the old 2.63 version running with

I realize that there are many factors involved in making this determination,
but an off-the-cuff discussion is more what I am looking for.  Perhaps the
assumption should also be made that the 2.63 version was using some of the
more popular rule additions such as the and the like.  I realize
that many of these are included in the new version so I thought I would
throw that in.

For those that have made the upgrade, are you generally seeing more spam
being caught, less being caught, or about the same?  Opinions?

Kyle Harris
IT Manager
TRC International, Ltd.

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