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Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Nov 17 15:29:27 GMT 2004

Don't take any notice of the rcs/cvs version numbers. I don't work directly
in the CVS tree, I work in another development area. When I'm happy
something works, I copy it to the CVS tree and commit it. So the version in
the CVS tree and my devel copy of the file will have different version
numbers. Depending on what copy of the file I happen to post to the list,
you'll get different cvs version numbers.

I should try to post the copy of the file from the CVS tree, but that isn't
always possible as I may be working on more than one thing at once and don't
want to commit it yet.

I'll try to behave better in future, promise :o)

On 17/11/04 3:18 pm, "Jeff A. Earickson" <jaearick at COLBY.EDU> wrote:

> Julian,
> I've started paying attention to the rcs/cvs version numbers at the
> top of the file, every time a new version of flies by.
> This one is 2004/10/27, but the complete copy you posted
> a couple of days ago (the one I'm running) is 2004/11/15.
> Confusion reigns for those of us trying to keep up.

Julian Field
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