Postfix, mailwatch and queue IDs (and of course mailscanner:-)

Steen, Glenn Glenn.Steen at AP1.SE
Wed Nov 17 12:54:36 GMT 2004

Hi all,

(this is mainly old news for the followers of the mailwatch-users
list... Just want to clue you all in:-)

As can be seen in the following references to the not-so-threaded view
of the mailwatch-users list (I might have missed some "branch"...):

... I've run into a rather sticky thing with message logging to database
and postfix/MS.
Executive summary is that postfix can, and will, reuse queue file IDs...
Which can lead to some strangeness in the MailWatch display ("message
details" showing two messages in one rather confusing display, viruses
appearing "clean" etc), and possibly a form of "quarantine corruption"
if the queue inode number isn't preserved.

As is plain in the above conversation(s) I thoroughly aggravated the
problem by separating the spool area from the rest of /var, so perhaps
this issue could be handled with a FAQ saying "don't do that stupid",
but I'd prefer something more slick... somehow making the IDs
bulletproof unique... but I'm unsure if that's even possible.
Any of you MS gurus care to comment?

-- Glenn

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