Mailto's being marked as detected fraud attempt.

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Nov 17 09:10:04 GMT 2004

I have just tested it with
Contact <a href="mailto:steve.swaney at">Steve.Swaney at</a>
and it allowed it through just fine.

On 17/11/04 8:04 am, "Quentin Campbell" <Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK>

> Julian
> I installed your latest version of (the 166111 byte version)
> early on Tuesday.
> Prior to that the log entries read:
>   "Found phishing fraud from mailto:bloggs at claiming to be
> bloggs at"
> After installing this fixed version (166111 bytes) the logs entries now
> read:
>   "Found phishing fraud from dave at claiming to be
> mailto:dave at"
> The latter looks more believable but still not desirable in my view. Why
> can't this special case be ignored?
> I made the change to the 166111 byte version at about 08:20 on Tuesday.
> Later that day complaints started coming in about messages being
> "mangled". The complainants usually did not include the affected
> message. When they did it was clear the "mangled" messages had actually
> been received on the Monday, _before_ I installed your latest

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