whitelist rules are being overridden by the blacklist rules ?

Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Tue Nov 16 20:29:40 GMT 2004

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Venkata Achanta wrote:

>>Put the above as "no" in your blacklist rules.
> smart answer but that defeats the whole purpose of this.

If you are thinking that way, then no-reply at domain.com in your whitelist
would have still defeated your purpose, since "no-reply at domain.com" is
just as easy to spoof as "billybob at domain.com".

If you only want email From no-reply at domain.com, or To
no-reply at domain.com to come through, but anything else from *@domain.com
AND to *@domain.com, then try what I mentioned and test it:

blacklist.rules -

FromTo: no-reply at domain.com no
From: *@domain.com and To: *@domain.com   yes
FromTo: default no

If your desired goal isn't reached, let us know.  I'm sure someone
smarter than me can offer a solution.


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