Mark Nienberg mark at TIPPINGMAR.COM
Sun Nov 14 18:30:03 GMT 2004

On Saturday, November 13, 2004, at 12:57  PM, Julian Field wrote:

> Mark Nienberg wrote:
>> On Saturday, November 13, 2004, at 12:21  PM, Julian Field wrote:
>>> You may find you have more luck running the ./ instead
>>> of
>>> the rpm one. This is equivalent to downloading and installing each of
>>> the modules using CPAN. But much easier :)
>>> I have had problems with the version with some
>>> versions
>>> of Perl, and so I often use the instead.
>> What does the tar script to when it encounters modules that are
>> already
>> installed via rpm?
> It should just skip them.
>>   Should I uninstall the ones that were already
>> installed by the rpm script?
> Not essential by any means, but it probably wouldn't be a bad idea.
> Then
> they are all installed the same way, which is a good thing.

The worked just fine.  It couldn't install Test-Harness,
but the rest worked and SA3.01 is now running.  I'm convinced again (I
was convinced before but had forgotten) that it isn't worth the
headaches to try to maintain a Perl installation with rpm based
packages.  Personally, it would be fine with me if you give up and
distribute all MailScanner related stuff in the tar format with an
install script to do the make and install.  Although my Perl
installation has a mix of rpms and not, this would be easily remedied
by using "rpm -e --justdb" to remove the rpm database entries while
leaving the files in place.

Thanks again for your help.
Mark Nienberg

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