bitdefender update test

Hywel Burris hywel at BURRIS.ORG.UK
Sat Nov 13 11:33:35 GMT 2004

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> Subject: bitdefender update test
> Hi everyone
> I'm the author of the original bitdefender script.
> I'm not using bdc at the moment since it is incompatible with kernels
> higher than 2.6.5, so I cant' test the script.
> Since I assume the reoubles the list is having come from bdc itself, I
> enclose a simplified version of the script THAT ONLY WORKS WITH VERSION
> 7 (NOT OLDER).
> It should be very simple even to fix just in case.
> I've already asked a couple of users to test it but had not any answer
> till now.
> Hope this may help you all
> Best regards
> Alessandro

Hi Alessandro,

I just posted a message to the group about this please see the other tread.

I got the following error from your script.

[root at mail MailScanner]# ./bitdefender-autoupdate-new
Undefined subroutine &main::UpdateLog called at ./bitdefender-autoupdate-new
line 126.

I had to add my $PackageDir = shift || "/opt/bdc"; to get it to work

All I need now is an update to check it properly



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