{Scanned} Re: ProcessClamAVOutput: unrecognised line ... contact the authors

Koen Teugels kte at NEXIS.BE
Fri Nov 12 09:57:48 GMT 2004

just test the copfilter-0.0.95.tgz with bitdefender only and he lets the
eicar virus pass. When I put the virus direct or in a simple zip files
he doesn't pass.
But the copfilter-0.0.95.tgz virusscan gives as output in maillog
viruses found. But doesn't do anything with it.

tanks Koen

Julian Field wrote:

> Please upgrade your clamav to the latest CVS version available from
> www.clamav.net and try the test again.
> Koen Teugels wrote:
>> Virus Scanners = clamav bitdefender
>> clamav is at version 0.80.1 and bitdefender
>> BitDefender-Console-Antivirus-7.0.1-3.linux-gcc3x.i586.rpm
>> Bt they let pass the attachment copfilter-0.0.95.tgz with the eicar test
>> virus in it with status clean.
>> I use a  RHEL clone with the latest yum updates.
>> version MailScanner-4.35.11-1.rpm.tar.gz with spamassassin 3.0.1 and
>> plugins DCC, razor and ...
>> Just a standard install no custom rules yet.
>> Thanks Koen

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