Newbie help please

Brian Berglund BBerglund at TECHPRO.COM
Fri Nov 12 04:00:46 GMT 2004

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The thing is, is that I have been watching the maillog and trace log. 
I can see the message come in, then be handed off to the recipient with just postfix. 
the postfix mysql connection for relay, email address works great for just relaying. 
So I added clam and it works just fine. 
Then I thought I was suppose to put spam assassin and mailscanner on together according to the install files of mailscanner. 
With just those
Mailscanner, Clam, SpamAssass.... and postfix it seemed to work just fine. 
I can send a message, see it scanned and then pass it on. 
My problem is that some messages are logged to MailWatch, some are not. 
I am thinking that my problem is in the mailwatch, it seems that I miss messages when mailwatch is logging the message before it...
So i think it is a mysql problem. 
But I am really really new to linux, so this is hard to do.  It is hard to find what I am looking for on this system. 
I guess the hardest is that I haven't been able to compare it to anything. 

Others have to have it setup this way.  Why are there no examples of configs?
Once I got my system working 100% I would have no issue throwing out my configs so that others can set it up similar.


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Subject: Re: Newbie help please

Brian Berglund wrote:
> If anyone out there can help.
> I am having issues with MailWatch/MailScanner.

multi / cross posting is not going to help you much, what I suggest is
that you take one part at a time and see if it working as per your

take postfix see if you are able to accept mails and relay them to the
right place using the transport mechanism.

now add the mysql part to postfix and see if postfix can read your
recipients table and continue to accept / deliver mails properly.

now add the others (spamassassin, razor, pyzor, dcc, clamav etc..) and
check if spamassassin recognizes every other component (except clamav).

now install mailscanner, integrate it with postfix and check again if
mailscanner can read your spamassassin prefs and detect clamav.

Finally add mailwatch to complete your setup..

if at any point you face problems most of us will suggest you read the
maqs / faqs and search the mailing lists first before you post here.. in
the event you need to post here, follow the instructions from here..

most important check your logs (all maillog, apache, OS messages and
mysql), you'll be amazed at your own troubleshooting skils if you can
read the logs properly (and maybe help other newbies).

- dhawal

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