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Andy Norris andy at TIRESWING.NET
Wed Nov 10 21:53:47 GMT 2004

Thanks again. I should have the book within "1-5 business days". :-)


At 02:59 pm 2004-11-10, you wrote:
>Andy Norris wrote:
>>Thanks Julian,
>>The warning attachment says:
>>The original e-mail message contained potentially dangerous content,
>>which has been removed for your safety.
>>The content is dangerous as it is often used to spread viruses or to gain
>>personal or confidential information from you, such as passwords or
>>card numbers.
>>At Wed Nov 10 13:00:56 2004 the content filters said:
>>    Found a form in HTML message
>In which case, as others have already suggested, I would set
>Allow Form Tags = disarm
>This is very simple and just breaks the form so it doesn't work any
>more. "disarm" isn't a bad idea for any of those settings (the ones that
>say you can use "disarm") as it still lets the message through, just
>with the nasty bits broken.
>>The book covers this topic in depth? I'll buy it straightaway.
>It gives a very good description of all the configuration options and
>talks about rulesets. I have posted the contents list here before, it
>will be in the archive somewhere.
>>At 02:13 pm 2004-11-10, you wrote:
>>>You first need to work out which check(s) you want to disable for these
>>>newsletters. What does the warning attachment actually say for one of
>>>these newsletters? That should give you the answer to that one.
>>>Then you should go and read about rulesets. Almost all of the
>>>configuration options can be given the filename of a ruleset instead of
>>>just a simple value. The rules in the ruleset file describe what value
>>>should be used for that configuration option depending on where the
>>>message came from or is going to (or both, or a few other things too).
>>>You can have different rulesets for every configuration option, which
>>>can be used to build extremely complex configurations for large and
>>>diverse sites.
>>>There is no such thing as a simple global "whitelist", the configuration
>>>system is far more flexible than that.
>>>There is documentation in /etc/MailScanner/rules, and in the MAQ
>>>(location at the bottom of every list posting), and in the FAQ (on
>>> and in the book (which you can purchase directly
>>>from There have also been numerous discussions
>>>and examples of rulesets posted to this list in the past.
>>>Hopefully that's enough to get you going.
>>>Andy Norris wrote:
>>>>Apologies if this is old hat, but could not get much in searching the
>>>>archives for "virus whitelist newsletter".
>>>>I am running MailScanner on a RedHat server running SpamAssassin. I
>>>>users who have subscribed to HTML newsletters, and I am needing to
>>>>whitelist these newsletters from being flagged as viruses. Am using
>>>>Where is the whitelist file, and how to get MailScanner to honor the
>>>>entries in said file?
>>>>Thanks very much in advance,
>Julian Field
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