FW: ClamAV abusers to be blacklisted

Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Wed Nov 10 17:38:59 GMT 2004

Thought I would attach a post from the SA mailing list. Just curious if
MailScanner's autoupdate script for ClamAV takes this into



Just a heads-up for the ClamAV users on the list:


People who are hammering the database servers too frequently risk being 
blacklisted. The latest freshclam supports a DNS-based check that's much

nicer to the servers, so use that if you can.

Posted By: nervoso
Date: 2004-11-05 12:25
Summary: Fix your freshclam setup or get blacklisted 
We are seeing a lot of useless traffic on our mirror servers.  
It looks like there are many broken freshclam clients still running.  
Once again, we urge you to upgrade to ClamAV 0.80 and take advantage of
the new DNSDatabaseInfo option, which allows to check for a new version
of the database with a single DNS query. Verify that your freshclam.conf
DNSDatabaseInfo current.cvd.clamav.net 
Check out the doc for more info. 
Unless you are using DNSDatabaseInfo, please keep the check frequency
below once per hour.  
1) if you run freshclam from crontab, check that you have an entry like
the following:  
N * * * * /usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet  
where N is a random integer between 3 and 57 and is not a multiple of
Do NOT use anything like this:  
* * * * * /usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet  
*/N * * * * /usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet  
2) if you run freshclam from crontab, make sure that you are  
_not_ using the -d flag (see the manpage for more info).  
Abusing clients will be added to a black list and won't be able to  
download our database anymore.  

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